Quality policy

  • We are committed to deliver Quality products and services, to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

  • Our management and employees are involved in continually upgrading our work values through training and development of their skills in order to get the job done Right First Time, thereby eliminating rework.

  • Ultimately, quality is measured by our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Customers are the final judge of quality. This is why our customers remain the focus of everything we do.

  • Because quality requirements are constantly changing, we remain committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of our operation.

  • By far, the most valuable resource at MG-PRO is our people. An experienced, highly skilled team of engineers, technicians, and managers. They are well trained, involved and individually committed to outstanding product quality and customer service.

  • In each step of the production process, we emphasize quality control. The result is a quality product, manufactured to meet or surpass all functional and aesthetic requirements.

  • By minimizing variability in our processes, we are able to build quality into all of our standard products and do so consistently.

  • Our products are supported by service that responds to our customers' needs. This involves on-time delivery, after-sale support and regular communication with our customers on quality issues

  • The Mukesh Ganjawalla Group has established and effectively communicated performance-based quality objectives and targets for all company departments. These quality objectives shall be implemented effectively and reviewed over time to dictate new improvements throughout the organization.

  • With this strategy, we can achieve the level of overall market performance - 'CUSTOMER DELIGHT' - that is required to excel and to achieve our financial goals.