Energy Saving Tips

We at MG PRO are committed to providing the most energy efficient equipment on the market today, but we recognize that to continue to reduce energy over the lifetime of your equipment there are a number of simple initiatives that can be taken...

Practical Energy Management

  • Seek alternatives to energy sapping equipment. Take advantage of the wide range of energy efficient products available today which can reduce your energy consumption significantly over a standard product.
  • Choose equipment with intelligent controllers that detect changing situations, thereby keeping energy use to a minimum when equipment use is low.
  • Ensure the controller has advanced energy saving function to ensure the evaporator works more efficiently – increasing performance and efficiency.
  • Only switch on equipment when needed and if equipment is on, put on standby until full power is required.
  • Always keep doors closed whenever possible and be sure to choose products with self close hinges and that have a superior gasket / door seal design.
  • Ensure all self-closing doors are maintained.
  • Consider choosing a cabinet that contains half doors and drawers to minimize energy use by accessing only the part of the cabinet that is required at that time.
  • Higher efficiency can be achieved by choosing refrigeration equipment with good insulation – make sure it is high quality, high density polyurethane, at least 70 mm thick.
  • Select refrigerators set at the optimal operating temperature for the product stored.
  • Arrange a regular health check for your refrigeration equipment.


  • Limit air flow impairment – stack produce evenly and be aware of load limit levels for maximum airflow.
  • A fuller fridge or freezer is more efficient than an empty one so keep it filled. The emptier your fridge or freezer is, the harder it has to work to keep everything inside cold.


  • Lowering kitchen ambient - will provide greater energy savings than any current technology.
  • Ensure there is adequate space all around your equipment - allowing good ventilation will increase its efficiency and the shelf life of your refrigerator.

Typical Energy Use in a Commercial Kitchens – Carbon Trust