About the M.G. Group

The MG Group was founded in 1982 by Mukesh Ganjawalla (MG), a visionary whose dream was to cater to the best of the hospitality industry across India. MG dug deep into his personal capital to pursue his dream.

MG started off as a service provider to the hospitality field taking up Annual Maintenance Contracts in restaurant and Hotels in Maharashtra and Goa. He then started off being a dealer/supplier for ice cubes in partnership with a friend under the name of “PERFECT ICE” in Mumbai. They also started manufacturing ice cube machines back then under a joint venture with a Spanish company…since then, there has been no looking back! Very soon after that, he entered the field of refrigeration. He first started off trading for refrigerators and freezers manufactured by various vendors in India. Traveling across India and the world, MG gained in depth knowledge about the quality and hygiene standards set for commercial equipment, internationally. This whetted MG’s appetite for bigger and better things. That’s when he realized that trading for others won’t do him any good…he started realizing what he really wanted. He realized that he actually wanted to be a manufacturer of foodservice equipment of international quality standards in India and probably then around the world. MG then started with a small manufacturing set up in Mumbai first for refrigeration and then slowly also stepped in to commercial kitchen equipment solutions.

The group owes the success of its equipment to its innovation and a strong emphasis on quality and service. If there is anything MG is extremely proud of, then that would be the Pan India after sales service back up. That he says is his first baby!

The MG Group’s motto was and remains to offer “Global quality products along with enviable service which never fails”, and it has redefined the rules of the Indian foodservice equipment industry.

Armed with a strong self-belief, a quick intellect, and a small personal investment, MG then set up Mukesh Ganjawalla & Co. He wanted to take the Indian foodservice industry to the international level. MG realized that the success of his plan was to strike the perfect balance between price and quality.

The Mukesh Ganjawalla group now manufactures truly international range of professional kitchen and refrigeration equipment for hotels, restaurants, flights kitchens, industrial kitchen, etc. with its world-class manufacturing facility situated in Silvassa called Ganjawalla Fabripro Pvt. Ltd. The MG Group deals in some of the world’s best foodservice equipment manufacturers and has its own truly international line of equipment called MG – P R O.